Education is Power!

The Power of Education

Develop Critical Thinking

Analyse and Evaluate

Decision Making

Be Active - Participate!

ReThink Violence!

ReThink Bullying!

Stop Domestic Violence

Tell your worries

Prevent Radicalization / Recognize the Signs!

Talk to your child, it needs answers.


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This baseline study “Perceptions of front-line school workers and community officials from Skopje, Kumanovo, Tetovo and Gostivar on radicalization leading to violent extremism” was developed within the Project: “Educate to Prevent – Strengthening Front-line School Workers and Parents to Build Youth Resilience to Violent Extremism”. The publication is prepared with the support of the Hedayah Centre of

Our vision is for a democratic society with a citizen concept, in which the citizens have a freedom of thought and freedom of speech and where the rule of law is of central meaning for our living society.



Our mission is to create a concept for bringing back the democracy in its place and its true meaning through free and active involvement of the citizens, especially the youth, in the policy and decision making processes, which is in interest of the social community.