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📢 The Civica Mobilitas Grants Selection Committee, within the Civica Mobilitas Community program, made a decision to grant NEXUS Civil Concept’s proposal, where in cooperation with the Association for Development and Activism “Akva Zdruzenie” and the Association for Civic Activism “Horizon Civitas” in the next 18 months will jointly implement the project “Multiculturalism and Radicalisation:

Youth Against Violence

“YOUTH COUNTER“ NEXUS Civil Concept in partnership with the Association of Citizens for Democracy – Initiative for European Perspective, the Association for Development and Activism – Aqua from Struga, Center for Intercultural Dialogue (CID) from Kumanovo and the organization Community Building from Mitrovica – Kosovo, started implementing the project “Platform for Civic Education of Youth
Rehabilitation and reintegration of Returning Foreign Terrorist Fighters should remain high on the international agenda and the ‘Blueprint of a Rehabilitation and Reintegration Center’ presents practical solutions to develop effective and sustainable responses. The Blueprint also emphasizes the need for these solutions to remain consistent with international human rights laws. Hedayah’s ‘Blueprint of a Rehabilitation
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We learned what cybercrime is, so now let’s learn how to protect ourselves from it! Watch the video and educate yourself about cyber security. 👉 This Video is part of the project titled: “CYBER HYGIENE: Understanding the cyber security challenges as an important part of NATO’s core task of collective defence” implemented by NEXUS Civil
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The main goal of this project is to open the horizons of the citizens to successfully recognize disinformation and their impact on all of us, by using non-traditional and innovative approaches to build resilience on how to deal with disinformation. The specific goals of the project are: SG1. Identify the source of the disinformation, its
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Do you know what cybercrime is and what the negative consequences of cyber attacks are? What are the motives of cybercriminals and how to recognize them? Watch the video with subtitle in English This Video is part of the project titled: “CYBER HYGIENE: Understanding the cyber security challenges as an important part of NATO’s
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Read NEXUS’s latest research! The research study gives a clear picture of the role of women in the country and their position in the institutions on national and local level with regards to preventing and countering violent extremism and radicalisation. At the same time, it provides an insight into the perception of various actors, experts
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