Association of citizens “Nexus – Civil Concept” is a nonprofit, non-government and nonpartisan organization which basic goal is Promotion and Advancing of Democracy. We believe that democracy has a value, but is still fragile and depended by the quality of the relations between the citizens and the state. Our aim is to stimulate the citizen, especially the youth by nonviolent means to fulfill the ideals for human rights and freedom through upgrading their skills, knowledge and use of the available resources.

Our vision is for a democratic society with a citizen concept, in which the citizens have a freedom of thought and freedom of speech and where the rule of law is of central meaning for our living society.

Our mission is to create a concept for bringing back the democracy in its place and its true meaning through free and active involvement of the citizens, especially the youth, in the policy and decision making processes, which is in interest of the social community.

Our main goals are:

  • To strengthen the capacity of citizens and civil society organizations;
  • To develop awareness among citizens about the possibility of making changes in the system of values in society;
  • To encourage citizens, especially young people to play an active role in policy-making in the interests of society;
  • To improve the economic and social status of citizens;
  • To familiarize the young and citizens with their fundamental human rights guaranteed by the Constitution and the law;
  • To remove hate speech and differences on ethnic, religious and political grounds;
  • Volunteering and internships;
  • Europeanization;
  • To promote European standards and principles, in accordance with European regulations and treaties;
  • To invest in and build one’s own capacities in response to current challenges in society;

We achieve our goals through:

  • Participation in the promotion and support of the process of decision-making and public policies;
  • Active cooperation with all international, think tank, NGOs, foundations and associations of citizens, legal entities and natural persons, state bodies, institutions and the private sector, with a view to realizing and achieving the organization’s objectives;
  • Development of projects, independent researches, events, discussions and public debates;
  • Active monitoring of European trends for constant update with the latest methods and techniques to achieve the organization's objectives.


Meet the members of our team!

Afrodita Musliu

Executive Director

Afrodita Musliu, Executive director of Nexus with over 19 years of experience working on a projects within CSOs in Macedonia. She is active in research on religious and ethnic issues, with a focus on religious radicalism and ethno nationalism. Questions related to the role of women and youth in the social sphere and research on reintegration processes for categories of vulnerable people.

Dragana Manevska

Program Coordinator

Dragana Manevska – Programme coordinator in Nexus Civil Concept. She is graduated sociologist in the field of euro integrations and has 16 years work experience in nongovernmental sector. She proves her activism in the society though being a member in nongovernmental organizations and realization of many projects in the field of human rights, women and youth rights, personal and professional development on youth, as well education for financial knowledge. She also proves her interest for the non-government sector as a volunteer in few humanitarian organizations. She believes that Civil sector is corrector and movement to the society.

Aleksandra Nikolovska

Program Assistant

Aleksandra Nikolovska – Program Assistant. Master of Economics in Accounting and Auditing with six years of experience in the field of finance and IPA project implementation.